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Maritime Marine, International Trade Affairs Department

Marine maritime Business, International Trade Affairs Department has been established for more than more than 20 years, the team based on the regional advantages of Ningbo Foreign Trade city, with the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, India, Hong Kong and other foreign and regional business lawyers have established a wide range of contacts, equipped with Yuezhenhong, Chen Jing and other senior lawyers mainly experienced high-end lawyers team, With the international perspective of the times, can be in English and Chinese as the working language, to provide customers with international standards of legal services.

Over the years, the team has for the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Spain, Venezuela and many other foreign customers to provide litigation, arbitration, as well as foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment and other non-litigation special services, by virtue of Maritime marine, international trade, arbitration, international investment and other professional expertise and combat experience, Successful agent many complex international disputes, completed a number of large-scale foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions projects, access to the general recognition of the parties.

Business scope:

Perennial legal advisor to international trading Company

Maritime Marine contract dispute, ship collision damage compensation dispute, general average dispute

Maritime claims preservation, maritime fraud, customs and foreign exchange management, cargo retention

Application and enforcement of maritime injunction and application for priority procedures for shipping

Establishment of the limitation Fund for Maritime claims, the sale of ships and the mortgage of ships

Import and export of goods, technology and services, import and export agents, letters of credit, letter of Guarantee

International commercial Arbitration, international investment arbitration

Foreign investment, overseas investment and mergers and acquisitions

Application for recognition and enforcement of civil judgments of foreign courts

Application for recognition and enforcement of civil judgments of the courts of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan