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Construction Real Estate Legal Affairs Department

The construction real Estate Legal Affairs Department is one of the main business departments of Boning. The department is grounded in a theoretical foundation, a team of professional lawyers with experience in judicial practice; The team members are proficient in real estate construction laws, regulations and practices, familiar with the laws and regulations of real estate and construction, and have successfully handled a large number of real estate and Construction Engineering legal affairs, with rich experience in practice. In the field of real estate construction, we provide legal services in the whole process of construction project, bidding, project transfer, financing until sale and property management, evaluation, negotiation, implementation, construction, total package subcontract management and settlement. Wholeheartedly committed to providing customers with the real estate and construction business of quality legal services.

Business areas

Legal services for Real estate development

Assist developers to develop project Feasibility Study report, cooperative development Program, revise relevant legal documents, review state-owned land use right or transfer contract, draft and review relocation agreement, participate in negotiation and negotiations in approval of projects, assist in compiling legal documents for bidding of land use right; drafting, Revise the relevant legal documents for the auction and make and review the contract for the transfer of real estate projects.

Second, commercial housing sales legal Services

Assist developers to develop, review and prepare the purchase contract, commercial housing Sales contract supplementary agreement and other relevant legal documents; determine workflow documents: including audit list, contract notice, annex change orders and other procedures, assist developers to negotiate with customers, to explain the relevant terms, answer customer FAQs, assist in the confirmation of supplementary Agreement; Assist developers to develop sales, leasing programs, select agents, advertisers, etc. to assist owners to review the purchase process required to sign the contract, to assist owners to deal with the transfer procedures, to provide lawyers witness, etc.

Third, the Property management Legal Service

To assist real estate developers and their entrusted property management enterprises to draft and revise the Entrustment agreement, draft and revise the Prophase Property Management service Agreement, draft and revise the property management entrustment contract, draft and review the property Management Convention, property management regulations and other legal documents; To provide owners and developers on the adjacent rights of the prevention and resolution: Real estate sunshine, ventilation, dripping, drainage, noise and other neighboring disputes, provide the owner and property management throughout the legal services.

Iv. Legal Services for construction works

Construction project evaluation and choice, feasibility analysis, project negotiation, boundary Project declaration related bidding procedures and general contracting, subcontracting Law planning, contract drafting and negotiation, construction project implementation and management, engineering quality Law control and its claim, construction engineering insurance and financing credit, project settlement, construction dispute lawsuit and arbitration ;