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Commercial and Legal Affairs Department is the core business area with traditional advantages, and has a team of lawyers with deep professional strength and rich practical experience. Based on extensive commercial resources, the Department provides complete commercial legal services to clients of all sizes, types and industries.

As the traditional core professional team, the department has accumulated rich experience in commercial legal Service, providing comprehensive legal service and professional legal advice for different types of enterprises involved in different kinds of ownership and different growth stages. The Department of Commercial Affairs is also supported by other teams from the company's legal Affairs department, the capital Market Insolvency office, the Financial and securities Department, the Intellectual Property Legal Affairs Department, and the construction real estate Legal Affairs Department to ensure that the clients ' various legal affairs in the business can be controlled and properly resolved. Help customers achieve business success.

Business areas

1. Company Operation Legal Risk management, company equity incentive mechanism design and improvement, etc.

2. Provide labor legal advice to enterprises, conduct training on legal knowledge, prepare to review labor contracts, act as agents for labor cases, issue legal opinions and lawyer letters, act as corporate Labor counsel and Human Resources managementconsultants;

3. Corporate Credit Risk Control Legal Affairs: processing contracts, debt disputes, corporate credit investigation, due diligence, corporate non-performing assets, debt disposal;

4. Agents of various types of contract disputes, including but not limited to: contract disputes, housing Sales contract disputes, loan contract disputes, construction project contract disputes, contract disputes, transport contract disputes, custody of contract disputes, warehousing contract disputes, the contract disputes, intermediary contract disputes