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Capital market and bankruptcy reorganization Legal Affairs Department

The Department of Capital Markets and bankruptcy reorganization affairs in the company, Financial securities, real estate and other professional fields with solid professional skills and rich practical experience. Zhejiang boning law Firm was selected as the first batch of bankruptcy administrators in Zhejiang Advanced People's Court in August 2007, with rich experience as an administrator of bankruptcy case, and now has formed a large-scale and professional bankrupt business team.

Business areas include but are not limited to:

1. Stock issue and listing

Providing services such as initial public offering and listing, Non-public offering of shares in enterprises

Provide quality new Sanbanxi listing Service

2. Major asset reorganization

Assist clients to complete merger, division and other major asset reorganization transactions.

Participate in the project design of acquisition and asset acquisition, legal due diligence of the matters involved in the acquisition

Participate in negotiation and production of legal documents

Assist customer to apply and obtain government departments ' approval and registration procedures for relevant acquisitions and major asset reorganization transactions

3. Insolvency reorganization and liquidation

Accepted by the court as the corporate insolvency administrator

Legal advisor to the administrator of the bankrupt enterprise

Assist bankrupt enterprise to maintain its operating and operating value, consolidate bankruptcy, make reorganization and liquidation plan

Filing a bankruptcy petition on behalf of the debtor and formulating a plan for reorganization, reconciliation and self-management

To put forward legal opinions on the issues related to the liquidation, evaluation, disposition and disposition of the debtor's bankrupt property