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Legal Counsel Affairs Department

Legal Counsel Affairs Department is the focus of the development of the business area, after years of accumulation and efforts, has been in the Ningbo to obtain comparative advantage, walking in the forefront of the industry. The department gathers company, contract, guarantee, finance, labor and capital Legal affairs, commercial Arbitration and litigation and other professional senior lawyers, relying on superb professional skills, with rich experience in practice, through the accumulation of political and business resources in depth, for enterprises and institutions and government departments to provide quality and efficient comprehensive legal services.

The department as a large number of enterprises and institutions, government agencies perennial legal advisers, with the government departments have good working relations, can closely combine the scope of business consulting units, development scale, management mechanisms and operational models and other factors, timely and effective carding enterprises and institutions and government departments face various legal risks, Provide effective legal advice or solutions. The Department adopts the Legal Service mode of "assigning lawyers to be responsible, team serving": the Legal Service required by the consultant is fully responsible by the assigned lawyer, and the professional team will be provided with better service by the difficult and complicated problems. The department's lawyers can skillfully and efficiently handle the day-to-day management of consulting units, contract transaction management, risk control system design, governance operation structure optimization, investment and financing mergers and acquisitions construction, non-litigation relief and other aspects of legal affairs, with outstanding Legal Service specialization and quality advantages.

Business scope

First, enterprise perennial legal Adviser

1. Legal Affairs Advisory answer;

2. Contract Risk prevention management;

3. Compliance management, legal outsourcing;

4. Business negotiation support;

5. Business management related due diligence;

6. Organizing professional lectures or conducting legal training;

7. Design and operation of the investment and financing scheme;

8. Design and optimization of governance structure;

9. Merger and reorganization of major assets;

10. Establishment of registration, liquidation cancellation, merger, separation.

Second, the government's perennial legal advisers

1. Participate in the legal argumentation of the important legislation and normative documents, and issue the law opinion;

2. Participation in decision-making on major matters or negotiation of important contracts, provision of legal services throughout the process;

3. Review of important administrative decisions, administrative procedures, administrative instruments and the issuance of legal advice;

4. Participation in the legality, normative review of major cooperation projects and the submission of legal opinions;

5. Participate in the construction of legal risk prevention system within government departments, and issue relevant opinions;

6. To participate in the coordinated treatment of major difficult cases;

7. Assistance in the conduct of legal training activities;

8. Help to improve the legal affairs job responsibilities and process management.