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Administrative Legal Services Department

Administrative Legal Services Department is an important business area. The Department of Administrative and Legal Affairs has a team of excellent lawyers with high academic qualifications and high quality, and has accumulated rich experience in legal practice in the fields of administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation and administrative compensation. Director of the Department has many years of experience in administrative legal services, as a large number of administrative agencies perennial legal advisers, for the executive organs of major decision-making to provide professional legal advice. Nearly 50% of my lawyers have postgraduate education, and many lawyers with government agencies, institutions of higher learning and other rich work experience, can skillfully handle all kinds of administrative cases, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

The Department of Administrative and Legal Affairs, based on professional legal knowledge and skilled professional skills, won the praise of the parties and the community, and has a certain reputation in the industry.

Business scope

1, for the parties acting administrative litigation, administrative reconsideration and administrative compensation cases

(1) Acting as an agent for the administrative organ in the lawsuit case, making the litigation documents, appearing on behalf of the Court and so on, and seeking the lawful rights and interests of the parties in administrative litigation cases, such as administrative license, administrative punishment, administrative adjudication and administrative coercion.

(2) in the administrative reconsideration case, on behalf of the drafting of the application for reconsideration, and to the authorities with jurisdiction to submit applications for reconsideration, review of the application of the administrative authorities to provide evidence material, to submit a written certificate and debate opinions, to collect and provide relevant evidence.

2, for administrative licensing, administrative adjudication, information disclosure and other administrative legal matters to provide professional advice

3. Act as legal advisor to the administrative organ

To provide legal advice for the major decision-making of the administrative organs, to draft and examine various legal documents for the administrative organs, to provide legal knowledge training for the administrative organs, to provide legal advice for the daily work of the national government organs, to avoid causing illegal administration, to assist the administrative organs to carry out the work, to provide legal risk