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Marriage and Accessibility Affairs Department

The Marriage and Family Affairs Department of Zhejiang boning law firm is one of the main departments of Boning. The department is grounded in a theoretical foundation, a team of professional lawyers with rich experience in judicial practice, with rich experience in dealing with marital family cases; The lawyers team members are proficient in marital family laws and regulations and policy provisions, good at divorce disputes, family property division, inheritance, separation of the production and other cases of treatment, To provide effective suggestions for the parties to actively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties. The establishment of boning marriage Family Affairs Department is the inevitable requirement of the specialization division of Lawyers, and it is also a beneficial part of constructing harmonious marriage and family relationship and building a harmonious society. The relationship between marriage and family is vital to the interests of families, and the role of marriage Affairs Department is particularly important.

Business scope:

1, agents of various types of divorce, divorce after the property dispute, after divorce damage liability disputes, marital property agreed to dispute maintenance disputes, marriage property disputes, maintenance disputes, custody, separation of production, cohabitation relations and other dispute litigation;

2, dealing with inheritance disputes;

3, provide detailed marriage family laws and regulations and policy advice;

4, on behalf of the revision or drafting of prenuptial agreements, divorce papers, wills, etc.

5, the provision of family wealth planning and other matrimonial family legal services new products