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Criminal Legal Services Department

Founded in 1996, Zhejiang boning law firm Criminal Affairs Department, the existing lawyers and paralegal have bachelor degree or above. Department of the professional basic knowledge of lawyers, academic theory, a deep foundation, some lawyers have in the public, inspection, law and other institutions engaged in criminal justice work of rich experience, is a cadres combination of professional lawyers team. Since its inception, the Department has handled a variety of criminal cases of thousands of pieces, and the number of years increased. In recent years, the total number of cases per year exceeded hundreds. The Department of Lawyers with superb business quality, highly responsible professionalism, and constantly expand the field of criminal law services, improve professionalism, strive to improve service quality, defense, agent effect is obvious, but also actively undertake social responsibility, focus on the criminal legal services in the process of efforts to resolve social contradictions, promote social harmony, Won the parties and the community acclaim.

Business scope:

1, smuggling of crime, fund-raising fraud and illegal absorption of public deposits and other crimes, such as crime, corruption and bribery, such as crime, drug crimes, intentional injury, such as infringement of civil rights, such as crime, theft, fraud and other crimes such as infringement of property crime, and other criminal cases.

2, help the victims to carry out criminal charges and perform the obligations of the victim ad litem.

3, to guide the client and the accused person suspected of committing a crime to conduct consultations, reconciliation and other criminal non-litigation business.