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Zhejiang boning law Firm Affairs Open System

I. Scope of BUSINESS

1. Accept the Commission of Natural persons, legal persons or other organizations as legal advisers;

2. Accepting the entrustment of the Parties to civil cases and administrative cases, acting as agents and taking part in the proceedings;

3. Accepting the commission of a criminal suspect, to provide legal advice, to act as a complaint, to sue, to apply for bail for the arrested criminal suspect, to accept the suspect, the defendant's entrustment or the People's Court designation, to act as an advocate, to receive private prosecution cases, the victims of public prosecution cases or their close relatives, Acting as an agent and taking part in litigation;

4. To accept the Commission, agent of all types of litigation cases complaints;

5. Acceptance of the Commission, participation in conciliation, arbitration activities;

6. Accept the entrustment, provide the non-litigation legal service;

7. To answer inquiries about the law, to write legal instruments and other instruments relating to legal affairs.

Ii. methods of charging

According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Justice to change the price [2006]611 "Law on the administration of legal services fees" implementation:

1. The law firm provides legal services in accordance with the scope of the lawyer's business as stipulated in the Lawyers Act, and charges the solicitor's fees to the client in accordance with the prescribed fees;

2. The lawyer service fee is charged by piecework, the proportion of charges by the standard, the time charge and the negotiation fee;

3. The following costs shall be paid separately by the principal: identification fee, notarization fee, travel required by the case, and other fees paid by the law firm with the client.

4. The law firm shall refund the lawyer's service fee for the termination of the Commission due to the lawyer's fault, and the law firm does not refund the lawyer's service fee if it terminates the entrustment relationship due to the lawyer's fault.

Iii. Code of civilized service

1. Reception of the parties warm, civilized and polite;

2. Dedicate to the society and serve the people;

3. Loves the hillock to be dedicated, dutifully;

4. Pay attention to professional ethics and abide by practice discipline;

5. Abide by social morals, help poor weak;

6. Loyal to the law and facts, adhere to the law practice.

General procedures for legal affairs of law firms

1. The party entrusts the lawyer to handle the legal affairs, by the law firm assigns the management lawyer;

2. Handling Lawyers reception parties, hearing statements, examination of evidence;

3. The amount and method of charge for the legal affairs to be accepted by the agency;

4. Handling lawyers fill out the report form, the case of lawyers by the Department director for approval, the Department director of the case has the director of the examination and approval;

5. Register the were, sign the principal-agent contract;

6. The parties fill in the power of attorney;

7. The parties to the law firm accounting department to pay the Legal service fees and other related expenses, the parties in line with the delay, exemption from the conditions of lawyer service fees, after the approval of the Director, by the office manager to the relevant departments issued a letter of law firm;

8. Handle legal affairs by lawyer.

V. Contents of various types of lawyers ' business

1. Maritime Marine Business

Maritime Tort

Maritime contract dispute

Maritime disputes over real rights

Disputes over port operation and marine exploitation and utilization

Special types of maritime events

Maritime security

Maritime Administrative Litigation

Maritime enforcement

Other maritime cases which belong to the Maritime court

Litigation and arbitration related to maritime affairs and Sea Commerce

2. Investment Business

Planning and negotiation of investment enterprises

Drafting and modification of agreements, contracts and Articles of association

Pricing and transfer of intellectual property or proprietary technology

Loans and other financing and collateral

Land use right as capital contribution, lease and mortgage

Real estate as capital contribution, lease and mortgage

Equity transfer

Equity pledge

Handling of disputes relating to joint ventures

3. International and domestic trade operations


Goods trading, compensation trade, futures trading

Financing and settlement of trade

Transportation, warehousing and insurance for trade

Customs supervision, import and export inspection and taxation on trade

4. Financial Services

World Bank loans and other international organizations

Government organizations and loans

Syndicated loans

Project Loan

Commercial Loans

Financing loan

Insurance business

Trust business

5. Intellectual Property Business

Trademark, patent agent

Copyright registration and transfer of ownership

Proprietary technology license use, transfer

Technology development, service, consulting contract and negotiation

Software Registration and Protection

Trademarks, trade names, goodwill and unfair competition are lawsuits

6. Real Estate Business

Transfer, lease and mortgage of land use right

Real estate project planning, design, tendering, construction and other processes of the legal documents

Legal services in the process of domestic and overseas sale of houses

Participate in commercial, residential, office and entertainment leasing negotiations and draft and review legal documents

On behalf of the registration of property rights, issuing, inquiries

Litigation, arbitration and conciliation relating to real estate sale, leasing, etc.

7. Securities Law Business

Transfer and auction of corporate and corporate property rights

Transfer of shares of company (including listed companies)

Merger and separation of companies

Company acquisitions

Corporate mergers

Dissolution and liquidation of the company

Assist Chinese enterprises to set up overseas companies

Assist Chinese enterprises to purchase overseas companies and assets

Litigation relating to securities or equity

8. The company's business

establishment, alteration and termination of a limited liability company

establishment, alteration and termination of the company

Enterprise Shareholding System reform

Adjustment and reorganization of property right structure of enterprises and companies

9. Other legal Services

Provide legal advice and issue legal opinions

Drafting, revising and reviewing legal documents of various types of contracts and Articles of association

To witness and participate in the negotiation of various projects for the clients

Participation as an agent in the settlement of various economic disputes, including consultation, conciliation, arbitration and litigation

Act as a perennial legal advisor or act as a single agent and engage in legal services in all these ways

Other forms of legal services authorized by the client

Vi. Complaints and supervision

1. Complaint Tel: 27836007 27836004

2. Accept the supervision of the Municipal Judicial Bureau, the social circles, the news media and the people of the higher authorities.

3. The complaint was verified and the answer was given within a week.