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Implementing three key projects to promote the construction of the party in the bar industry

  To strengthen the party's construction, enlarge the work coverage of the party, and exert the political core function of the party organization in the law firm, is the clear request of the 18 session of the CPC. In recent years, Anhui Province has grasped the law of party construction in the lawyer industry, focused on the implementation of the three key projects of "strong foundation, raising quality and increasing efficiency, ensuring the leading", and the provincial lawyer industry has made rapid development, and the team of lawyers has been developing and expanding, The political core function of the party organization of law firm and the vanguard exemplary role of the party member's lawyer play effectively.

  Ⅰ. Strengthening the construction of the party's organizational system in the legal profession.

  One is to strengthen the construction of basic party organization of law firm. Adhere to the "three synchronization" of the party organization construction of law firm, namely: the law firm and the party organization are set up synchronously, the lawyer practice application and the organizational relation is synchronized, the lawyer applies for the practice and the party member information synchronously collects. In accordance with the conditions set up by the party organization, the party branch is established separately, the number of members is less than 3, in line with the principle of the nearest handy to establish a joint party branch; no party members by the judicial administrative organs and the Bar Association assigned the party Building work liaison, the province's law industry to achieve.

  The second is to do a good job in the development of lawyers team members. According to the requirement of "cultivating the excellent lawyer into a party member", the lawyers, especially the young backbone lawyers, who pay attention to the development of good political quality, strong business ability and good mass foundation, keep improving the proportion of the members of the lawyers. "Twelve-Five" during the new development of 110 members. Open the party activists training course, the average annual training 120 people.

  Thirdly, we should strengthen the construction of party workers in the legal profession. It is clear that the law firm is headed by a party member and the main person is not a party member. Invite the provincial Party School professor and the Provincial committee work experts to conduct business training for party workers in the legal profession, improve their ideological and political quality and work ability of party affairs.

  Ⅱ. Make efforts to carry out the project of "raising quality and increasing efficiency" and exert the role of party members ' lawyer demonstration

  One is to improve the political quality of party members ' lawyers. We should make suggestions on strengthening the education management, professional ethics construction, education and training work, establish the lawyer oath system, instruct the party members to abide by the political discipline and political rules of the party, and resolutely resist the bad influence and erosion of the western erroneous political thought and the rule of law idea. In the provincial Party school, the Socialist Institute, respectively, held party members and Partice backbone Lawyers training course. The provincial lawyers talk about politics, look after the whole situation, observe the discipline, always keep a clear head in front of the cardinal.

  Secondly, strive to improve the level of the party's lawyers. To conduct network education and training for party members and lawyers to participate in online learning. The establishment of "lawyers in Anhui province continuing education and training measures", relying on the bar Association professional, Special Committee, to carry out the training of professional ability of party members lawyers. As the key object of the whole province law education, the party members ' lawyers strive to improve the theoretical attainment and business ability of the party members ' lawyer team.

  The third is to strengthen the construction of the party members ' lawyers. The establishment of the provincial Youth lawyers talent pool, county-level lawyers leading talent pool, expand the proportion of lawyers. Pay attention to recommending party members as deputies to the NPC, CPPCC members, 271 members of the provincial People's Congress CPPCC members have 52 member lawyers, accounting for 19.2%. Pay attention to the selection of party members to accompany the party and government leaders to carry out letters and visits reception, recommended 26 lawyers as the main party lawyers as the provincial letter of petition to terminate the membership of the Panel. Select 3 members of the lawyers to provincial on-the-job exercise. A large number of party members have been awarded the "Labour Labor Medal", "Sanba" and other awards.

  Fourthly, efforts to stimulate the work of lawyers party building vitality. The organization carries out "the Law profession Grassroots Party construction work demonstration Hillock" to create the activity and "the Lawyer Party building promotion year" activity, in two batches awarded 150 lawyers Grassroots party organization and the lawyer party member for "The Grassroots party organization demonstration Hillock" and "Party member demonstration Hillock". Organize party members and lawyers to take the lead in public welfare legal services, formed a lawyer for migrant workers to recover arrears of wages volunteer corps, Staff rights advocacy group, set up a law service center for Women's rights and interests, and the group of Provincial Committee jointly launched the "Province of voluntary lawyers knot to help activities", The organization lawyer participates in the Public Legal Service system construction, carries out "the lawyer enters the community", "the lawyer learns Lei Feng service month" The activity, selected the party member lawyer to Xiaogangcun to carry out the volunteer service, earnestly defends the disadvantaged group and the people legitimate rights and interests.

  Ⅲ. To implement the "guarantee leading" project and to strengthen the Organization and leadership of the party building in the bar industry

  One is to strengthen the construction of lawyers party system mechanism. Provincial Committee of the Department, the Provincial Committee of non-public work, the provincial judicial office issued the "Further strengthening of the province's lawyers in the party's construction work guidance" to strengthen the province's lawyer industry party building guidance. The Provincial Judicial Department party committee at the beginning of each year with the Provincial Law Association party committee signed a lawyer party construction work responsibility, year-end by the party committee to the Law Association party committee to implement the "two responsibility" of the situation of the special examination, strengthen the province's lawyer industry party building supervision and guidance. Promulgated the "Communist Party of Anhui Province Bar Association committee work Rules", the initial formation of the party committee and the Non-public Economic and social organization of the Working Group coordinated coordination, the judicial Administrative Organs Party organization leadership Management, the Bar Association party organization specific guidance, law firm Party organization directly responsible for the law industry party construction work pattern. Select the right lawyer party construction work and the Lawyer Business Development Union Point, gradually established the Lawyer Party building work to integrate fully into the lawyer whole work the new mechanism, diligently achieves "five unifies", namely: the lawyer Party construction work and the lawyer political business study unifies, and the lawyer's professional ethics construction unifies, Combine with the lawyer's public activities, combine with the lawyer culture construction, and combine with the lawyer's business development.

  The second is to strengthen the construction of lawyer party work funds guarantee. Provincial Judicial department and provincial Tax bureau jointly on the Law Industry Party building work funds issued preferential policies, the establishment of Law firms branch secretary of the system, the Provincial Law Association to arrange the annual 200,000 Yuan party construction funds and into the annual financial budget, the City Law Association of Lawyers Party construction funds and business work funds co-ordination arrangements.

  The third is to exert the propaganda leading role of the lawyer party building work. Publish the "Twelve-Five" Lawyer's social responsibility report and the Lawyer industry annual Development Report, and systematically summarize the efforts and achievements of lawyers, especially the party members. Using the system "two micro-end one to one newspaper and one network" and other media platforms, through the holding of press conferences and news briefings, and other forms, the party lawyers play a pioneer exemplary role in the promotion of special reports, effectively improve the position and image of the legal team in the masses.