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Strengthening the construction of lawyers ' profession to help push economic and social development

  In recent years, the party committee of the Bar has further studied and implemented the 18, 18, four, v plenary and General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech spirit, in order to build political firm, professional team of lawyers as the goal, innovation Party construction work carrier, emerged a group of advanced grassroots party organizations and outstanding party members, It has greatly promoted the healthy development of the lawyer industry and made outstanding contributions to the reform and development of Huizhou.

  I. Strengthen the leadership of the party and lead the healthy development of the legal profession. 18 session four plenary meeting request "Strengthens the lawyer profession party's construction, expands the party's work coverage, earnestly plays the law firm party organization's political core function". As early as in 2009, Huizhou Law Association Constitution expressly stipulates that the society accepts the party committee's leadership, which is the innovation stipulation in the National Law Association Constitution. The party committee of the Law Association decides the important matters of the society and ensures the correct political direction of the lawyer industry. The Association of the Association of 2.5% per annum from the contribution of the party committee to extract the construction work of the Organization, each year according to the corresponding standards, the amount of this branch to provide party work funds to ensure that the activities of the party organization normal development. The Association party committee pays attention to strengthen the organization construction, takes the lead in the whole province to realize the party construction work all covers, the entire city 60 law firm realizes the party member lawyer Association all to turn, the party organization all establishes, the party's work all covers "three all" the goal. Established the link system of party Construction, Association party committee members per person linked to 1-3 law firms, party members and lawyers linked to 1-3 new Partice, the new practice of the lawyer, for "one-to-one", "one-to-many" knot pair to aid, Further stimulated the party building work vigor, causes the legal team to unite tightly in the party organization periphery. Established the responsibility mechanism of party construction work, party secretary and Lawyer Party branch secretary to sign the construction work liability, branch secretary and lawyer member signed responsibility, to ensure that the party building work has been implemented. The Association party committee carries out the theme activities of "the party member lawyer is listed for the post", creates "the party building demonstration Point", "the party member model Hillock" and so on, all the lawyers party members go to Jinggangshan, Yanan revolutionary Holy Land, The Zunyi meeting Memorial Hall and so on study visits, further promotes the party spirit accomplishment. Since the establishment of the party Committee of the Law Association for 12 years, none of the lawyers in Huizhou has violated the practice morals and practice discipline.

  Ⅱ. Active service Grassroots, innovation "legal deputy Director" system and the province to promote.

  In order to strengthen the construction of democracy and legal system at grassroots level, in 2010, Huizhou pioneered the system of "deputy director of legal system" in village (residence) commission. The Association party committee actively mobilized 585 lawyers as the backbone to realize the whole city 1262 villages (Habitat) full coverage. As of the end of March this year, the city "deputy director of legal system" to answer legal advice 152,800 times, to provide legal advice 5,882, review all kinds of contracts 4,342, to carry out the rule of law propaganda lectures 9,832 times, modify, improve village 4,325, mediation disputes 15228 cases, The provision of legal aid 3,734 times, promoting the city's harmony and stability. In May 2015, the provincial government adopted the practice of "one village (community) as a legal adviser" system in the province. "Deputy director of legal system" was named "Ten Projects of social governance innovation" in Guangdong Province, selected excellent cases of "government governance ability modernization" in Guangdong, and excellent cases of "government governance innovation". For Guangdong and even the whole country to provide innovative grass-roots society to manage the excellent sample.

  Ⅲ. To provide legal services, as well as the party committee of the government staff assistant. The Association party committee organizes the party member lawyer as the main body, serves as the city, the County (district) two level party committee, the Government and the Work Department legal Adviser, this in the province and even the whole country walks in front. Actively selecting party members ' lawyers to help resolve various social contradictions. Boluo County A state-owned power plant insolvency, creditors repeatedly door-to-door recovery, more than 100 workers face the plight of Laid-off. Member units in Guangdong Shangdun law firm party Branch leading the backbone members of the lawyers, after a lot of hard and meticulous work, the entire process to provide professional legal services to help the local government to implement the plant restructuring, absorbing the original all employees, effectively maintain social stability. December 2011, Guangdong Shanwei Burst "Wukan incident". The first time the Association party committee appointed the party member lawyer Yang Jianhua following the provincial Committee working Group to enter, for the Provincial committee working Group's election group, the land group, the village Finance Group and the After-Care group has provided many legal services as well as the work proposal, with the outstanding work obtains the high level affirmation at all levels. In recent years, whether in the Dongguan Huicheng Rail West Lake Station demolition, CNOOC Project south of the overall relocation of the major projects, can see the association members of the lawyer quickly stationed, active work, active responsibility, and actively improve the legal service figure, with a strong action to prove their public commitment: " Have a problem to find a member of the lawyer to solve, have difficulties to find a member of the lawyer to help, have the opinion of the party member lawyer feedback.

  Ⅳ. to promote the construction of the rule of law in Huizhou. Huizhou won the 55 national law popularization of Advanced City, the party member lawyer played the main force role. The party committee of the Association insists on carrying out various kinds of service activities, such as "entering into organs, entering into enterprises and entering the grass-roots", and further promotes the exemplary role of lawyers, especially party members, in actively serving the society, serving the grassroots and innovating the social management. By the member units Chovan, Bao 2 law firms compiled by the law of the "huimin one of the legal story", "Lele's growth experience" to 700,000 families and 500,000 primary and secondary school students issued, and the famous jurist Li Buyun, Jiang, Guo Daohui "Three Old law" in a joint recommendation, The National law popularization Office is highly affirmed and recommended for the national distribution. Association party committee developed the province's first "wisdom law popularization of the app", the party member lawyer Xu Xianghui actively applied the network new media to popularize the legal popularization propaganda, the first push "the Palm legal village occupies" the micro-letter public number, has enriched the Huizhou popularization law and the legal construction carrier, Get the full affirmation and promotion of the superior department. In recent years, the Association party committee has also established Huizhou Public Security Bureau Legal Service Corps, in order to dissolve difficult and complicated cases and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the police to provide free legal services, the establishment of Huizhou trade Union Legal Service Corps for grass-roots enterprises, workers to provide timely and efficient legal services; To provide legal support for the development and growth of small micro-enterprises, the establishment of a lawyer duty to preach the group, for the vast number of workers to preach legal knowledge, to carry out legal literacy education, free of charge for difficult workers to provide law assistance 2015, the Association party committee explores in the enterprise to carry on the party member lawyer to act as "the rule of Law deputy Director" system, extends the public Legal service to the enterprise, takes the active service, the Legal Service, the scientific service way to promote the enterprise management modernization, Contribute to the Huizhou of economic and social development to create an internationalized market-oriented legal environment.