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"Delegates + lawyers" join hands to serve the masses

  Since March 2016, the Zhongshan Judicial Bureau of the Communist Party committee, the Liang of the work of the new Parties, to carry out a party to lawyers to contact members of the masses. Through night visits, it is another powerful measure for Zhongshan to construct the public Legal Service system by implementing knot pair support, popularizing publicity and legal service, further improving the ability and level of party representatives to connect with the masses, and exerting the role of lawyers and other professional social organizations to dissolve social contradictions and promote social harmony.

  I. Main approaches

  (a) Conducting night visits. The first Tuesday night of the month, the party representatives and the lawyers jointly to the organs, village (community) party delegates work room to carry out the reception work, to party members and the public to publicize the latest policy and laws and regulations, the promotion of the municipal government of the major decision-making, to solicit the party members of the People's To guide party members to strengthen the consciousness of democratic legal system and consciously abide by national laws and regulations. The visit activity specially chooses in the evening to carry on, greatly facilitates the inhabitant populace, enhances their participation the enthusiasm.In the process of the interview, the knot to the lawyer pay more attention to communicate with the masses, actively collect sentiment public opinion, guide the masses in accordance with the law to reflect the problem, express demands and suggestions, for the discovery of the hidden trouble of active intervention in advance to prevent and dissolve work, as a good social management observers and dissolving and dissolving personnel.

  (b) Implementation of twinning. In combination with the visit activities, the party branch of each law firm participates in the work of the Group of Delegates to help the disadvantaged groups, actively organizes and participates in various kinds of huimin activities, and helps the residents to solve practical problems. Each member of the lawyer active knot on more than 1 contact area of the difficult residents, production and distribution of "contact service card", regularly carry out warm and heart-to-heart communication activities, strengthen day-to-day communication and sentiment public opinion collection.

  (c) Do a good job in popularizing publicity. Party committee and law firm to give full play to their own resources, to assist the village (community) to establish and improve the "five one" publicity media, that is, a legal literacy propaganda team, a set of law books, a legal school, a publicity window, a law popularization square. Knot to the lawyer to play their own familiar with the legal knowledge and business advantages, to assist the village (community) to carry out more than 1 legal publicity and education activities every quarter, for the development of community work to create a good legal environment.

  (d) Strengthening of legal services. The pair of lawyers to the party to write proposals and suggestions, inquiries, inspection and research and other activities to provide legal advisory services, according to the actual situation, for the knot on behalf of the Group to carry out legal business training or legal seminars, improve the legal awareness of the representatives of the parties, and better serve the party members. At the same time, to the economic difficulties of the units in the disadvantaged groups need legal help, the start of legal aid green channel. To provide legal services to the residents of the public, timely provision of compulsory legal advice, case agent concessions, legal aid applications and other services to help and guide the masses of the party to uphold the rights and interests of law.

  Ⅱ. Results and repercussions

  (a) promoting mutual benefit and enhancing the level of service for the people. The mode of "Representative party knot to lawyer", give full play to the advantages of the parties ' representatives and lawyers, enhance the breadth of service depth and promote the construction of economic rule of law.

  (b) To safeguard the people's benefit and effectively solve the difficult problems reflected by the masses. In 2016, 6 law firms had 24 sessions of party branches, the legal system lectures and training 22 times, organized 47 lawyers to participate, including 29 members of the lawyers, visiting 19 Village (party Delegate studio), interviewed a total of 294 people, accompanied by delegates visited 16 households; Rural shares, family planning, marriage, inheritance, land and other legal issues.

  (c) Pragmatic and friendly people, narrowing the distance between the party representatives and the masses, and made a contribution to the government service brand image. Through the development of activities, effectively exert the party representative grassroots, listen to public opinion, send service exemplary role, effectively enhance the members of the masses of legal concepts, law awareness, effectively set the party committee government's Good social public welfare image.