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Municipal Law Association party committee members, the party branch secretary Xu Hong to participate in the Provincial Bar Assoc

  On the morning of November 19, 2017, the bar Association of Zhejiang Province held the 19 lecture of the party on learning propaganda and implementation, the participants are members of the Provincial Law Association, the Committee on Ethics and Discipline, the directors of the Municipal Judicial bureau in charge of lawyers, the director of the Law, the party secretary of the Municipal Law Association, the Secretary-General, and representatives of the law firm's branch secretaries and more than 200 people. Ningbo Law Association Committee members, the party branch secretary, Deputy director Xu Hong attended the report.

  The report invited the national lawyer Industry's only 19 representatives of the party, Jiangsu Province, the Law Association of the Long Shizimin for special reports. Shizimin, with the title of "serving as the new mission of lawyers in the modern Times", combined with the 19 experiences and experiences of the party, focused on the new era, ideas, new contradictions, new goals and so on, and profoundly interpreted the 19 main spirits of the party, Combined with the general strategy of administering the country in accordance with the 19 report and the magnificent blueprint of rule of law and the present situation of the development of the lawyer industry, the author puts forward the concrete measures for the lawyer industry to carry out the 19 spirit of the party, which is a wonderful lesson for the lawyers and the lawyers.

  In the report, the Provincial Judicial Department party secretary, director Ma Pavei made an important speech, he around the "four great" to the next stage of the provincial lawyer work put forward four points, that is, the initiative into the "Great Dream" journey, In the study and implementation of the party's 19 spirit to find the direction of the future, vigorously promote the spirit of "great struggle" in deepening the "name of the name of Lawyers" project to enhance service skills; accurately grasp the "great project" requirements, To strengthen the party's construction in the lawyer industry to build a strong team, service to ensure the "great cause" to promote the healthy development of the economy and society to achieve professional value.