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Ningbo Datang Zhong Sheng Group Co., Ltd. claims notification

Ningbo Datang Zhongsheng Group Co., Ltd creditor:

Zhejiang Ninghai County People's Court according to the application of Ninghai Yue Long Metal Materials Co., Ltd. on November 29, 2017 to accept the case of Ningbo Datang Zhong Sheng Group Co., Ltd. Bankruptcy liquidation, and December 1, 2017 designated Zhejiang boning law firm for the Ningbo Datang Zhong Sheng Group Co., Ltd. Administrator.

As the administrator of Ningbo Datang Zhongsheng Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang boning law firm is responsible for the registration and examination of creditor's rights according to Law, and hereby informs the following:

First, the creditor should declare the creditor's rights to the manager before January 25, 2018, the amount of the creditor's rights and the property guarantee and so on should submit the relevant proof material. Those who fail to declare overdue may supplement the declaration before the final distribution of the bankrupt property, but the assigned portion of the previous assignment is no longer replenished. The expenses incurred in the review and confirmation of additional claims shall be borne by the additional applicant.

Second, the claims should provide the following information (specific items please check the "Notice of Claims"):

1. The creditor for the company, provide a copy of business license (with official seal), Organization Code card copy (with official seal, such as five certificates without provision), the legal representative of the Certificate of Identity (original), legal representative ID card copy (signature confirmation); A photocopy of a signature confirms that the authorized agent shall submit the power of Attorney (original) and the Agent ID card (the photocopy must be signed and confirmed);

2. Claims declaration form;

3. Evidence of declared claims (e.g., originals and photocopies of written materials such as contracts, agreements, receipts or payment vouchers, fruits or liquidated damages);

4. When creditors declare their claims, they shall specify the contact address, postal code, telephone number and contact person of the applicant in the confirmation of the service address of the creditor.

Ningbo Datang Zhongsheng Group Co., Ltd. the first creditor meeting is scheduled for February 5, 2018 9 o'clock in the morning, Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province, Yue Long Street Zhongshan East Road 121th, Ninghai People's Court first chamber.

hereby inform.

Manager of Ningbo Datang Zhongsheng Group Co., Ltd.

December 13, 2017


1. Documents required for the Declaration of Claims download address:→ Public announcement → Ningbo Datang Zhongsheng Group Co., ltd claim material

2. Mailing declaration Address: Zhejiang province Ningbo Gao Xin Qu Guanghua Road 299 Lane 37th Research and Development Park C area 15 Building 4, Zhejiang boning law firm, postal Code: 315048, contact person: Datang Company Bankruptcy Project Group, Tel: 0574-27836090,157-0683-5700;

Please download the attachment: Ningbo Datang Zhongsheng Group Co., ltd claim material

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