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Chen Jing Lawyer

International arbitration, investment mergers and acquisitions, letters of credit, letter of guarantee complex economic cases la
Master of Law, East China Institute of Political Science; national youth lawyer leader training camp
Director of Maritime Shipping, International trade affairs
Chinese and English

Special services:Special Advisor on international arbitration, special Advisor of Letter of credit, special Advisor for Letter of Guarantee

Qualification:Second Class lawyer, documentary credit, Letter of Guarantee, international trade finance expert qualification, selected as Ningbo leader and talents training project

Honor:Second prize of national Excellent legal documents, Second Prize of National International Commercial Arbitration essay contest, Second Prize of the annual paper of the Financial Law Association of Zhejiang Law Society, cases she assisted were selected in the ten cases of protecting minors in Ningbo

Academic achievements

"Study on the disclosure system of international commercial arbitration" published at the website of the trade and the Ccpit

"The necessity of establishing the third person system of arbitration" published in "Law and society"

"The reflection of Surprise execution" published in "Frontier Law Journal"

Social activities

Member of China International Private Law Association, member of the Professional Committee on Foreign Affairs and Maritime Affairs of Zhejiang Law Association, member of Finance and Insurance Professional Committee of Zhejiang Law Association, member of Ningbo Legal Advisory Group for Overseas Chinese Services, member of Ningbo Chinese Association for Overseas Service Rights Committee

Practical experience

She has a wealth of legal advisor experience, non-litigation project experience, a large number of economic disputes, foreign-related dispute management experience, including cases below but not limited:

1. She has provided perennial legal counsel for the China Import and Export Bank Ningbo branch, such as a number of banks, the State administration of Safe Ningbo Branch and other government departments, foreign trade companies and many other enterprises;

2. Reform of rural credit cooperatives;

3. Issued short-term financing coupons and other capital market business;

4. Other non-v. Special legal Services, such as:

  1)The reform of an educational group in Ningbo (state-owned stock transfer)

  2)Merger of two terminals in Ningbo (wholly foreign-owned enterprises)

  3)Yuyao Baochengshengtong Department Enterprise reorganization

  4)Ningbo Shenglong Group System Reform (foreign enterprises restructuring)

  5)Witness to the meeting of the Bank, company shareholders

  6)Advising a UK company on the setting up of a company to invest in China

  7)Handling financial companies to establish and open

5. He has provided the sole agent and other legal services for international commercial arbitration, international unjust enrichment disputes, international quality of goods disputes, international commercial disputes negotiated settlement, such as foreign affairs, such as:

  1) Sole agent of Ningbo International Trade Co., Ltd. with ANZ, LUCK, FINE FAITH, ABC, CCB, ICBC, Ningbo Haida, Ning Xing Tian Bo, Ning Hing Holdings, Ningbo, Shanghai Jumo and many other banks and large foreign trade companies in the letter of credit fraud disputes and credit negotiation disputes more than 20 cases, letters of credit disputes a dozen cases. (The total amount is up to about 400 million RMB and has great influence in the whole country)

  2) On behalf of a company in Ningbo and Hong Kong, an international company contract dispute Arbitration case (China international Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission to accept)

  3)Drafting the respondent's opinion and recommending the arbitrator for a domestic company and a German company's SCC arbitration case

  4)On behalf of Germany Ledxon GmbH Company and Ningbo Branch Guide Global Photoelectric Co., Ltd. on the relevant commercial dispute negotiation

  5)Representative of the Spanish Creaciones andra S.L. Company and Cixi Import and Export Co., Ltd. on the related contract disputes

6)Other ordinary case agents, such as financial and loan disputes, private lending disputes, contract disputes, unjust enrichment disputes, infringement disputes.

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